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We View You As Collaborators

Our sessions are known as Collaborations because we view the girls we connect with as equal participants. We do not operate in a system of hierarchy, and instead believe that we are all teachers and students.

A Word From The Founder


I created The Bloom Sisterhood Society for you because I wanted to create a space for you to speak your mind, realize your gifts, and create sisterhood. I wanted to give you a safe, nurturing, and supportive place where you could Bloom. I want to see you take up space with your voice, your art, your undeniable sense of style, your cocoa skin, and your flawless hair. Honey, I just want to see you take over the world and then teach it to love the way only we can. 

Founder, Crysta Bloom

If we give our children sound self-love, they will be able to deal with whatever life puts before them.
— bell hooks

What We Do

We offer various art and healing workshops known as Collaborations. We cover a variety of topics and disciplines to choose from.

Art is Healing

The Bloom Sisterhood Society believes in the healing power of art. Our collective of Women of Color Creatives use art as a tool for self exploration, expression, and healing because it is a universal language capable of transcending barriers. We create inspiring, intentional spaces for girls of color, age 13-18yrs, to explore their identity, trauma, power, and ambition through their creativity.

The Bloom Sisterhood Society partners with schools, non profit organizations, community centers, shelters, foster care homes, juvenile detention centers, and more, exposing them to the various art forms we practice.

Healing is Art

We also offer collaborative, healing sessions around topics such as Intuition: Following Your Inner Compass, Overcoming Negative Thoughts, Meditation, Creating Boundaries and Saying No, Beauty Standards and Self Love, and more. Our safe spaces are intended to be a place where our girls are free to explore the doubts and vulnerabilities that come with growing into the women they are meant to be. We will also practice deep listening and building empathy within our sisterhood. Each member's thoughts, feelings, and opinions will be heard, validated, and appreciated. 

The program is customizable. You may choose one session for a special event or a series of sessions over a period of time. The curriculum created will be based on the needs and interests of the girls involved. We work within your budget and have scholarship and financial aid opportunities available.

Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I will love who I am
— Janelle Monáe

Who Are The Bloom Board Collaborators?

This group of amazing women are leaders in their artistic fields. They range from fashion stylist you can read about in Essence Magazine to artist with featured work in New York art galleries to art-activists who have marched for your rights in the D.C. streets. These women are successful, passionate, and girls of color just like you. They want to see you reach your highest potential.