Previous Collaborations

“Art and Symbols” Collaboration with viBe Theater Experience

Bloom Board Collaborator Nichole Washington shares her intimate process for creating the symbols seen in her work. She offers support to the girls of viBe Theater Experience to create symbols meaningful to their own lived experiences.



“Design and Styling” Collaboration with viBe Theater Experience

Bloom Board Collaborators Charlotte Gaspard and Al Malonga connect with the girls at viBe Theater Experience, a free program which engages, inspires, and empowers girls (ages 13-19) to write, create, publish, direct, and perform personal and truthful collaborative theater and music about the real-life issues they face daily. They share their career secrets, learned wisdom, and discuss the ins and outs of being a women of color in the design and styling field.

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The Bloom Sisterhood Society Collaborates with Shake It Out

The Bloom Sisterhood Society talks art, womanhood, and body positivity with the girls at Shake It Out, a summer theater program that seeks to empower teen girls from Brooklyn based neighborhoods regardless of geographic location, socio-economic status, nationality and/or ethnic origin to explore storytelling through theater in a peaceful, supportive, fun and educational setting. 

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