Advisory Board

This dedicated group of women advises the organization on programming as well as the social-emotional well being and development of the young girls in our program. 



Janie Smith, Social Worker 

Janie graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Florida A&M University in 2012. As a practicing Child Welfare Social Worker she brings her passion and experience to The Bloom Sisterhood Society's advisory board. She is dedicated to cultivating happy and healthy lives for young girls affected by the system. 


Iesha Saunders, Herbalist, Wellness Advocate, Founder of Bush Blends

Iesha Saunders is an experienced Educator, Herbalist, Doula, and farmer to people liaison. Awareness of societies and culture and how they develop or sustain, in regards to well being, intersect with her work. She has extensive knowledge from multiple disciplines linked to health/medical sciences, such as Nutrition, Food and Environmental Studies, History, and The Arts. Iesha holds a degree in Medical Anthropology and is an active member of the National Council of Negro Women. Moreover, Iesha is the founder of Bush Blends, which seeks to co create healing experiences with the natural world via intentional workshops, event support and garden design/installation. Her knowledge and character is the foundation of her dedication towards helping individuals find the tools to empower themselves and live healthier lives of quality. 


Rebecca Kelly-Golfman, Civil Rights Attorney, Artist, Founder of Black Abundance BK

Rebecca Kelly-Golfman is the founder of Black Abundance BK, a platform to celebrate and uplift Black creators, businesses, activists, artists, and cultural workers who keep Brooklyn vibrant and Black. Black Abundance BK also creates intentional space for dialogue on the Diaspora and the ways we can connect, push, and support one another in the borough. Additionally,  Rebecca offers creative advocacy consultation for artists and artistic institutions to create an intentional and impactful partnership between art and activism.  Rebecca's background as a civil rights attorney and in theatre performance provide a unique foundation for her interdisciplinary perspective. She offers workshops that explore race and racism  as well as introductory civics and know your rights workshops. All her workshops use interactive activities and theatre exercises. 


Tasia Gill, Mother, Arts Educator, MUA 

Along with being a certified herbalist and professional make up artist, Tasia is the devoted mother of two children. She is passionate about children's rights and advocates for children's access to art and creative expression. She has served as an arts educator at Manhattan School for Children as well as in Hattiguada, Nepal where Tasia was an educator to orphaned children.