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Intentional Flower Baths

Flowers are in Bloom and so are we.

Join us in sisterhood as we invite healing waters to wash away the things that no longer serve us and baptize with blessings the things that do.  

One Day All Them Bags Gon’ Get In Your Way, So Pack Light
— Motha, Erykah Badu

The Bloom Sisterhood Society Presents: Intentional Flower Baths 

Lead by: Iesha Saunders of Bush Blends

Featuring Live Movement Storytelling Pieces by: Rebecca Kelly G.


flower bath.jpg

What is heavy on your heart? What has dominion over your peace? What are you seeking liberation from? What are you nurturing, growing, or rejoicing in? 

We'll begin by connecting with our magic through movement storytelling pieces by Rebecca Kelly G. 

Then gather in a garden with herbalist, alchemist, and healer of thyself, Iesha Saunders of Bush Blends. After consulting with you about your intentions, Iesha uses flowers and herbs saturated in healing properties to create healing water. Drops of this powerful elixir are sprinkled over your head  and blessings are offered. 

Enjoy a DIY Intentional Bath Table with herbs to take home, a DJ, light refreshments, and connecting with like minded women. 

Guests must be women identifying people of color with creative careers or pursuits

Entry is invite only and slots are limited. In honor of the sacredness in nature of this event, we seek to cultivate an intimate setting with a max of 30 guests. Please request an invite to attend.

A pay what you can donation will be received at the door and proceeds go to the Bloom Sisterhood Society's mentoring program. 

There are 12 open slots for Intentional Flower Baths given by Iesha Saunders on a sliding scale rate from $15-$25.  Pay what you can with proceeds going to the Bloom Sisterhood Society's mentoring program